How to Attract Tech Talent in the Modern Day

As technology continues to disrupt the workforce in new and unique ways, companies will need to start sourcing tech talent from other areas as competition over traditional educational sources becomes fierce. To that end, identifying those alternative, yet effective, sources now is the best way to stay ahead of the competition you may face in the future.

As far as traditional institutions go, there is nothing wrong with choosing to recruit from colleges or universities. After all, the graduates of these sources are talented individuals who are sure to be an asset to any company they go to. However, focusing solely on these traditional sources will limit the options and pool of candidates for any company. Taking some time to consider the different sources of talent is a great way to find unique tech talent.

How to Attract Tech Talent in the Modern Day

Partner with Vocational Schools

Vocational schools, more well known in New Zealand as trade schools, feature specialized forms of education that prepare students for a specific career. These tech-based courses often take place over the course of a year, but students can take longer using self-paced programs if they desire. Given this flexibility, as well as the offer to defer tuition for some schools, this form of education often attracts experienced workers.

Coding Dojo is a popular example that teaches students everything there is to know about web development and offers online courses, meaning anybody in the world could theoretically learn from them. As remote learning becomes more and more prevalent in the modern-day, vocational schools attendance will likely rise. In fact, The Atlantic recently covered how vocational school attendance already rivals that of colleges and universities.

Contrary to the standard form of education, vocational school courses often offer industry mentorship and one-on-one preparedness for a chosen career, which means graduates from this source are often more experienced than traditional graduates.

Source from Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps have been around for the better part of the last decade. With that in mind, top-rated coding bootcamps prepare students for a number of jobs that involve coding or programming skills. In a matter of months, students learn the ins and outs of the various coding languages as well as how to use them in a job.

Besides the fact that there is job preparedness offered at these bootcamps, coding bootcamps are effective as they prepare students for virtually any career that involves coding, making these graduates versatile workers capable of handling any task.

To that end, partnering with coding bootcamps and recruiting directly from them is a great way to show graduates and current students that your company values their education and recognizes the skills they bring to the table. As a note, there are bootcamps for a number of tech fields now, such as data science bootcamps, that do the exact same thing as coding bootcamps.

Continue to Use Old Reliable Sources

As far as recruiting talented tech individuals goes, colleges and universities are still two of the most reliable sources. Their extensive education combined with talented professors means graduates in tech fields are talented and ready to tackle any job thrown their way.

Keeping this in mind, try not to forget that a large number of colleges and universities offer online degrees that often receive less attention than graduates from the in-person equivalent. At the end of the day, sourcing top tech talent is all about widening the search radius for those candidates. Sourcing from just in-person graduates of college-level institutions will lead to a small pool of potential talent.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of university recruiting, pull from multiple sources, and try to partner with unique programs that are often overlooked by your competition. Doing so can help you connect with highly talented individuals who would be, otherwise, overlooked.


Attracting tech talent in 2020 is all about showing that your company doesn’t source employees from one area. Many talented individuals are passed over on a daily basis because companies refuse to acknowledge their educational institutions or are completely unaware of them. By studying these alternative educational sources, you can find dynamic tech talent that your competitors may be completely unaware of. Take the first step needed to set yourself apart from the competition and tech talent will find you.