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Editor's Notes

Note from incoming editor

I feel honoured in taking over the editorship of NZJHRM from Dr Paul Toulson. I am deeply obliged to him for easing me into this role. Thanks are also due to Peter Marshall and all the referees who have been amazing in their time and effort as reviewers of manuscripts.

The new PBRF scenario of research funding for tertiary educational institutions in NZ represents both opportunities and challenges for the journal. The opportunities lie in the emphasis that TEC will henceforth place on peer-assessed research output; thus, NZJHRM can expect to see an increasing flow of manuscripts, especially from NZ-based academics. As Paul has noted, the principal challenge of NZJHRM is to establish credibility among its ‘peers,’ namely other HRM journals (regional or otherwise) so that it is perceived as a viable, alternative outlet for publication. To this end, a review process that is quick and rigorous is indispensable, and I will endeavour to maintain the high standards that Paul has set in this regard.

While I agree with Paul that the decision not to release a quality print version may have to be revisited in the future, it may as yet be premature to launch a print version. Indeed, a print version might actually compromise the quality of refereeing inasmuch as there will be heightened pressure to accept a certain minimum number of manuscripts each year for publication to sustain the print version.

Suchi Mouly
Editor, NZJHRM, 2003-

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