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Editor's Notes

Note from outgoing editor

It has now been almost three years since the launch of the New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management at the Institute’s National Conference in Wellington in September 2000. I resigned as editor at the beginning of this year because it was time to move the editorship to another location, with a new editor to take the Journal through its next stage of development.

We are most fortunate that Suchi Mouly has taken the role as editor of this journal. Suchi is a highly regarded academic in the human resource management field and is very enthusiastic about our journal and wants to build on what has already been established. Suchi is an associate professor in the Department of Management and Labour Relations at the University of Auckland and will lead the Journal through its next phase of development. Suchi has been an associate editor and will make a superb contribution in her new role as editor.

Since its launch, the NZJIR has averaged a publication rate of three articles per year. The journal is indeed fortunate to have an excellent Editorial Board comprised of 35 editorial board members. These people are providing the journal with an outstanding service of reviewing submissions for publication. The journal follows the established policy of a blind review process consisting of at least two reviewers per submission. The Board itself is made up of both national and international academics and senior practitioners, and I have been delighted with the support and enthusiasm shown towards the journal by Editorial Board members, during my tenure as editor.

Reviewing the Journal’s performance over the past two and a half years, I think its progress has been satisfactory overall, but slower than had been initially anticipated. There are several issues here that need to be kept in mind. First there is no doubt in my mind that there is a niche for a New Zealand Journal in HR to compliment the other journals of HR. I stress the word compliment rather than compete. The advent of PBRF means that refereed material, so far as academics are concerned, has become vital. To this end we registered this journal at the beginning of the year on the “Ulrich List” of refereed journals.

This brings me to my second point. As well as on-line electronic versions, these journals do produce quality print versions. We steered clear of producing a quality print version of the NZJHRM in founding this online publication purely for cost purposes. It is now my view, in the light of the two years of experience, that this decision should be revisited in the future. We have to decide whether we want to attract the international market, hence many more submissions, or just remain a small publication in the international arena.

Even assuming some niche in New Zealand, we are facing the reality that high calibre articles, even about New Zealand research in HR will be submitted first to high profile international Journals. That is the way it is because universities, in stressing internationalism in publications for such things as academic kudos and promotion, means that academics will go for the highest in this international “pecking order”. The aim of our publication is to get into this pecking order, and indeed this is part of the next phase of development of this journal.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to assistant editors and members of the Editorial Board for the support and enthusiasm that they have given the journal. Also my thanks to our contributors, both the successful and not so successful. Without your contributions we would not have a journal. I would like to also thank the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand for their assistance and support to me in helping to shape the formative years of the Journal, and also for the partnership that I have established with National Office in the person of Peter Marshall for the publication of the journal.

I think we have come some way in a relatively short period of time and I wish Suchi and the journal every success in the future.

Paul Toulson
Editor, NZJHRM, 2000-2002

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