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About this Journal

The New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management (NZJHRM) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal using the Internet to collate, review and publish original material on the development and practice of human resource management in New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

Background on the Publisher

NZJHRM is being funded by the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRNZ) who is responsible for hosting of the journal.

HRNZ aims to be recognised as the professional organisation for HR practitioners in New Zealand, and in so doing, to be an information broker for the HR community at large. Therefore, through the establishment of the NZJHRM as an on-line academic journal we are dedicated to developing knowledge of New Zealand HR practice and research is a key development for HRINZ in partnering the HR profession. The benefits of having an online journal have various benefits such as : low costs, an easy online submission process, prompt publication and ease reader access.


Dr Maree Roche
Senior Lecturer in Human Resources & Leadership
Department of Psychology
University of Waikato

Dr David Brougham

Senior Lecturer
School of Management
Massey University

Dr Kate Blackwood

Senior Lecturer
School of Management
Massey University

Submitting an Article or Case Study to our Journal

Submitting an article or case study to the NZJHRM has never been easier, all you need to do read the publication guidelines for submitting a case study or article and apply using our online submission form.

By submitting an article or case study to the NZJHRM, you are helping us to become one step closer in achieving our aim of being able to publish quality research based on New Zealand HR practices, not just international HR practices. Developing the knowledge and understanding of HR practices throughout the New Zealand HR community.

Statement of Intent of the Journal

New Zealand is a small Pacific nation with a big reputation for social experimentation and change. There is as much international interest in our approaches to new-right restructuring as in our earlier forays into welfarism. NZJHRM celebrates our spirit of innovation in human resource management and will contribute to the professional knowledge base of HRM in the following ways.

The following list of editorial criteria is in order of importance:

  1. New Zealand-South Pacific Themes: NZJHRM will provide rapid dissemination of refereed New Zealand-South Pacific-based material on HRM.

  2. Range of accepted genres for publication include:

    • Academic papers
    • Case studies
    • Practical interventions
    • Reviews
    • Research
    • Commentaries

  3. Practical orientation: because innovation in HR tends to occur most often in workplaces, as well as in education and research institutions, our primary aim is to report practical experiments, current cases and topical commentaries. Contributors are encouraged to articulate the practical implications of their work for all who are involved in the management of people in enterprises.

  4. Multi-disciplinary work: we recognise that HRM as an holistic discipline and encourage multi-disciplinary contributions. We seek contributions from those involved in industrial organisational psychology, occupational safety and health, ergonomics, employment law, industrial/labour relations, training and development, organisational behaviour, and mainstream human resource management.

  5. Functional coverage: we provide coverage of all functional areas of HRM including management of the HR function; HR planning and staffing; learning, training and development; employment relations; remuneration and benefits; safety, health, welfare and support; systems and information management; performance management; and change management.

  6. Publication forum: we will provide a publication forum for those associated with HRM in the New Zealand-South Pacific region: practitioners, consultants, teachers, students.

  7. Reader reviews and on-line readership survey: we invite readers to contribute their own reviews and commentary on our publications, and provide a continuing opportunity for you to present your views about the directions of the journal.

We could hardly go to cyber-space with a broader mandate! Through comments and reviews we anticipate that our editorial policy and direction will become progressively more sensitive to your requirements. As time progresses we will target areas of interest through special forums, and will invite submissions on topics of current concern.

NZJHRM promotes New Zealand innovation in HR to an international readership. We provide informed HR guidance with a New Zealand-South Pacific theme for those who practice, teach, research, or study in the field of human resources management anywhere in the world.

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